Photographed in front the  Pride Portraits  backdrop.

Photographed in front the Pride Portraits backdrop.

Hugo Perez is a Houston-based visual artist and designer. A graduate of the Art Institute of Houston, he received his BFA in Graphic Design. In 2016, he was awarded a residency through John Ross Palmer’s Escapist Program. His work has been collected nationally and internationally. His piece, Eternal Spring, was selected as the cover for University of Houston’s 2018 annual report for the Center of Mexican American Studies.

In 2016, he partnered with Pride Portraits, a national campaign, to develop the branding and the backdrop of the campaign. During his time with the organization, he had the opportunity to paint the largest pride mural in Houston, Texas.

In 2018, he led the rebranding of Harris County Public Health's HIV prevention program, Testing123, which serves the LGBTQ+ population in Houston.

Most recently, he co-founded, along with 2 other artists, the art collective, Qollective. The group, which consists of 7 multidisciplinary artists, aims to create meaningful dialogue around contemporary social issues through visual and performance art.

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