365 Days of Art: Pancake & Booze Recap / by Hugo Perez

This past friday I had the chance to participate in this bi-annual event that combines three of my favorite things: pancakes, art and booze. The concept is simple: about 100+ emerging artists in one venue, local DJ talent and a state-of-the-art pancake station. Put all those things together and you get one hell of an event. I got there around 8 and there was already A LOT of people, tons of  talented artists and a few standout pieces that I would have purchased, however I was there to sell art, not buy. :)

I was going to leave around 10 but I'm glad I didn't because around 10:30 I was approached by Paul who was interested in my Vivian print. I gave him the backstory of the piece and he bought it right there on the spot! Paul was ubering so he couldn't take it with him so I delivered to him the next day. Suffice to say he was pretty happy with purchase. I was always hesitant to make prints of certain originals but I think if theres a market for it. Original or giclĂ©e print, good art is good art.