Behind the Canvas: Jane Doe / by Hugo Perez

Jane Doe represents the countless woman who
fled El Salvador during the civil war.

For many of these women, their journey ended in valleys like South Texas. Getting lost, not having enough water, heat exhaustion were just some
of the ways they perished on this trek.You will notice the line drawings in the background surrounding the main form, they are modeled after the art
on Loteria cards, a type of bingo played in Mexico, El Salvador and other Latin American countries. In the series, Pan Dulce, Loteria cards represents
the game of life, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. For these women the hope of a new life, away from war, was enough of a motivator
to put it all on the line. Assimilating here, becoming an American became the end goal, unfortunately, this often resulted in the end of their life.
These bodies, if ever found, were tagged Jane Doe, and we all know that name is as American as it gets.