Our Journey: FAQs by Hugo Perez

OUR JOURNEY will feature new art from me, displayed in the main Franklin Gallery at John Palmer Art.  

WHAT is the show about?
The show is about the notion of self-exploration and our constant need to find ourselves and connect. The show will feature some of my earlier work along with new pieces.

Journeys is the overall theme of my work this year. From the journey of being an artist to the journey we are all on, all of it connects and relates to each other. 

WHY should I come?
It's a chance to see another side of my creativity, connect with your local art scene and get something beautiful for your walls!

365 Days of Art: Pancake & Booze Recap by Hugo Perez

This past friday I had the chance to participate in this bi-annual event that combines three of my favorite things: pancakes, art and booze. The concept is simple: about 100+ emerging artists in one venue, local DJ talent and a state-of-the-art pancake station. Put all those things together and you get one hell of an event. I got there around 8 and there was already A LOT of people, tons of  talented artists and a few standout pieces that I would have purchased, however I was there to sell art, not buy. :)

I was going to leave around 10 but I'm glad I didn't because around 10:30 I was approached by Paul who was interested in my Vivian print. I gave him the backstory of the piece and he bought it right there on the spot! Paul was ubering so he couldn't take it with him so I delivered to him the next day. Suffice to say he was pretty happy with purchase. I was always hesitant to make prints of certain originals but I think if theres a market for it. Original or giclée print, good art is good art.